7 thoughts on “Back In The Saddle Again

  • robin sachs

    i am looking for a gaited appy from 6months to 3-5 yrs of age. and pricing info.
    thank you. mainly for trail riding and parades. some other activities maybe acth when mature enough.

  • Mercedes Mejia

    i am intrested in the lepord weanling, was not able to get ahold of you guys the line was busy. how much are you asking for him.

  • Jeanie

    Checked out your website. I see you do have some real nice looking horses. Really liked the rope halters to. We will catch you all later. Have a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year..

  • Karen Ekeblad

    I am wondering if Leroy is till available. I learned how to ride on an appy years ago, and now, my wonderful hubby wants to grant my lifetime wish of being a horse owner again. If still available, what is asking price? thank you

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