Slowly But Surely

I am working on this site at every opportunity. I currently have about 100 horse and goat rope halters to make with more orders coming in all of the time.

I have been getting too many orders for halters lately and my arms, wrists and hands are paying the price. I could only get one halter made last night before my arm gave out. I just had to quit, usually I can get several more halters made in a day than one, hopefully that was just a one time thing.

Right now I am switching between normal chores, rebuilding this site and tying halters, I am not getting much else done.

I also have a personal blog at Spinning Yarns from the Farm. I have been neglecting that blog lately. Usually I try to post to my blog once per day but haven’t been able to keep up lately. I am also trying to post something here as often as I can to learn the ins and outs of using WordPress.